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Charity Planning

Knowing there is "more to life than money" is a cliché we embrace. It is through systematically giving back that those who find meaning in charitable pursuits are able to affect a lasting and notable impact on the world. Isolated gifts, although important, don't create the meaningful ongoing working capital and endowments that many charitable organizations depend on for their survival. 

We welcome the aspirations of many of our clients to create a living legacy through good works of financial generosity during their lifetimes or upon their passing. The benefits of such structures impact not only the individual contributing the gift, but their family often over multiple generations. In turn, their estate, and tax treatment are also altered in a positive sense. Finally, for many of our clients these charitable planning actions publicly bring to light their commitment to a cause, objective or need that is currently unresolved in the world. By involving themselves through their gifts and generosity they often also achieve a voice within the organization or endowments they support.

There are numerous financial planning and giving options in the area of charitable planning that allow an individual, estate or business to make a meaningful impact on the charities they support. Many of these strategies are little known, as they exist through channels that most are unfamiliar with unless they've explored this area of structured giving previously. 

We work with our clients to develop complimentary charitable plans that integrate seamlessly with all other aspects of our financial planning work together.

Our services in this area include, but are not limited to:

  • Charitable Goals and Objectives Analysis
  • Lifetime versus Estate Gifting
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Outright Gifts to Charity
  • Asset Gifting Strategies